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To radio or not to radio!!!!

Our names are Angela and Sarah. We go to Queen Margaret College in New Zealand and are in the 3rd form. Sarah has blonde hair and Angela has dark hair. We made this web page in Radio Technology Class. In the class we learnt about morse code, transister values, phonetic alphabet, how to build radios and how to talk on radios. We talked to a man in Belmount and tried to talk in a competition but failed. The phonetic alphabet is:
A=alpha N=november
B=bravo O=oscar
C=charlie P=papa
d=delta Q=quebec
E=echo R=romeo
F=foxtrot S=sierra
G=golf T=tango
H=hotel U=uniform
I=india V=victor
J=juilette W=whisky
K=kilo X=x-ray
L=lima Y=yankee
M=Mike Z=zulu

You use this alphabet to spell words over the radio so you don't mix up letters like B and P.

Dit Dit Dit or Dot?

We also learn't morse code here are the letters and then some words for you to figure out / means a new word.

A=.- N=-.
B=-... O=---
C=-.-. P=.--.
D=-.. Q=--.-
E=. R=.-.
F=..-. S=...
G=--. T=-
H=.... U=..-
I=.. V=...-
J=.--- W=.--
K=-.- X=-..-
L=.-.. Y=-.--
M=-- Z=--..

1)... --- ...
2)--. --- --- -.. / -.. .- -.-- /
-- .- - .
3). .. -. ... - . .. -.

1) s.o.s
2) good day mate

we hope you enjoyed learning morse code.

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