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Building   Communicators

In technology we have been building electronic communicators. The thing we have made is a morse code communicator. We made this by putting together a series of resistors, capicitors, diodes and earphones. This is the morse code language: A: .- B: -... C: -.-. D: -.. E: . F: ..-. G: --. H: .... I: .. J: .--- K: -.- L: .-.. M: -- N: -. O: --- P: .--. Q: --.- R: .-. S: ... T: - U: ..- V: ...- W: .-- X: -..- Y: -.-- Z: --..

International   Radio

We have been using our teachers amature radio. When issued with a license you get given a call sign. eg: zl2mls

The phonetic alphabet is:

A: alpha B: bravo C: charlie D: delta E: echo F: foxtrot G: golf H: hotel I: india J: juliet K: kilo L: lima M: mike N: november O: oscar P: papa Q: quebec R: romeo S: sierra T: tango U: uniform V: victor W: whiskey X: x-ray Y: yankee Z: zulu

We have already talked to people in Australia and all 'round New Zealand. We have also listened to people in Germany talking.

People   in   9Sc

The people in our class are:

Kate; Claire; Amy; Kate; Katie; Tali; Alex; Debbie; Louise; Yvette; Margaret; Jaimie May; Brooke; Victoria; Ellen; Sara; Rosalin; Melody; Virginia; Emma; Ellen; Anna; Amanda; Rebecca.

They all are very cool people!

Musicals   and   Hello's.

The third form at our school are working on musicals to perform for the parents. Our class is performing Annie. Other classes are performing musicals such as The Little Mermaid, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Mary Poppins. We have a lot of talent in our class, unfortunatly we could not find enough parts to go around. Considering we have only 30 mins to do it in we have had to cut out a lot of the play.

I, Claire, would like to say hello to: Ashton, Honore, Yvette, Lizzie, Carol, Mum, Shrial, Nana, Cloriese, Angie, Silvia, Sio, Beks, Rachel ( from camp ), Jordan ( from camp ), James ( from camp ), Francis, Whaiata, Gary G, Gary, Pangou and Ma!!!!.

And I, Kate, would like to say hello to: Steffi and the rest of the family and all of the animals, Sarah K, Paula, Kate J and all of her friends, all the cool people at ski school and swimming camp, Amy R my swimming coach, the lovely Franks family and all thier pets, Mummy and Daddy, Vicki, Craig, Rob and Carol and everyone who works with them, all the people at dad's work, all the people from Taupo Motor Camp ( I hope it stays open ), Granny and Moo ( I hope all is well in Christchurch )