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Radio Communication Alphabet

A=Alpha B=Bravo C=Charlie D=Delta E=Echo F=Foxtrot G=Golf H=Hotel I=India J=Juliet K=Kilo L=Lima M=Mike N=November O=Oscar P=Papa Q=Quebec R=Romeo S=Sierra T=Tango U=Uniform V=Victor W=Whiskey X=X-ray Y=Yankee Z=Zulu

Our Names In Radio Alphabet

Alex=Alpha Lima Echo X-ray
Debbie=Delta Echo Bravo Bravo India Echo
Emma=Echo Mike Mike Alpha
Tali= Tango Alpha Lima India

ZL2MLS calling CQ

Mr Savage uses hand radio gear to call people around Wellington, New Zealand and even poeple in other countries, such as Australia.We used the radio alphabet to tell our names to the people on the other end.