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WASS    UP!!!

Hey, This is Rachel! This web page is about my awesome spring holiday 2000*** Have Fun !!!

Holiday    Activities!!!

I am typing this from the Queen Margaret College Holiday Programme. Next week I am going on a snorkelling course at the Upper Hutt Leisure Centre/H2O Xtream and the hobbies I enjoy are dancing,tennis,netball and golf. I live in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.I only have one pet,it is a rabbit called Toby.I am in the What Now? club and my membership number is 29491. By 4 now!

Birthday    !!!

Yes! It's finally my birthday! It's still one whole year 'till I'm a teenager, but childhood doesn't last forever. On my birthday (which is this saturday- 30th of September 2000) I am going to Somes Island with one of my best friends Sarah and our familys. Next week my dads friend Jane is taking me to the movies and after the holidays I am going out to dinner with some friends from school. In conclusion I'd say that being 12 is gonna be cool!