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Antarctic Net - Amateur Radio and Internet Schedules

I.  Amateur Radio Schedule

Mike Savage (ZL2MLS) and Howard Evans (W6IDS), two South Pole
Station winter-overs from 1980,  are initiating a weekly ham radio net.  
All those interested in Antarctic matters are invited to join in.

The net is called "Antarctic Net".  The schedule follows:

Day (UTC) Saturday  (Friday night in USA)
Time (UTC)  0300
Primary Frequency:  18.125 MHz  +/- .005 MHz
Alternate Frequency:  14.270 MHz  +/- .005 MHz
We'll experiment with this schedule to see when propagation is
best on the various bands.  We're hoping to get some of the
Antarctic stations to join in.

Howard (W6IDS) will be using a log periodic antenna pointed
towards New Zealand from his QTH of Richmond, Indiana.  Mike
(ZL2MLS) will be using a G5RV from his home in Wellington,
New Zealand.

Listen for worldwide beacon stations on 14.100 MHz and 18.110 MHz
for indications of propagation.

II.  Internet Schedules.  

Day (UTC):  Saturday (Friday night in the USA)

Time (UTC): 0200 

Services:  ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger

Data:  Mike's ICQ Number:  14438028
       Howard's ICQ Number: 1061244
       Mike's AOL IM address:  Mike S NZ
       Howard's AOL IM addres: W6IDS


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