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Antarctic Photographs by Michael Savage (

I took these photos in the 1980's while working in Antarctica. All photo rights are reserved by the author.

The photo at the upper right was taken from a low flying Twin-Otter aircraft approaching Ross Island from the South. The photo illustrates how moist air descending from the high plateau to the ice shelf can produce dramatic meteorological effects. Minna Bluff and Mount Discovery are visible on the left side of the photo.

The photo on the center-right shows a tracked vehicle pulling a utility caravan over the ice of Adelie Land. Expeditions Polaries Francaise (the French Antarctic program) provided vehicles and crew for a 500 mile traverse in 1982 to deploy automatic weather stations upslope from Dumont d'Urville.

The bottom-right photo shows the author at the Beardmore Camp, a temporary facility set up in the middle of the Beardmore Glacier to host a meeting of Antarctic treaty nations in the early 1980's.

The photo below of an Adelie penguin and her chick was taken near the French Station of Dumont d'Urville in 1982. I spent two months in the Adelie Land region helping to set up automatic weather stations for a research project conducted by the University of Wisconsin..