Adelie Land Traverse, December 1982

In December 1982 I participated in an oversnow traverse that penetrated 250 km into Adelie Land, Antarctica. The French Antarctic Expedition was in charge of the ground operation. We travelled for 40 days to make the round trip. The principle purpose of the traverse was to service four Automatic Weather Stations along the route. About halfway into the journey, the traverse route took us to the point where a Hercules C-130 ski-equipped aircraft was buried in the ice. The aircraft had been damaged on takeoff and abandoned a decade earlier. In the years following the traverse, the U.S. Antarctic Program mounted an operation which successfully recovered the aircraft. Mike Savage

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Photo - approaching the buried aircraft: From a distance of several kilometers
Photo - Skiway at D-21.: aerial view of the open field skiway prepared by tractor action
Photo - Adelie Coast: aerial view approaching Adelie Land coast
Photo - Adelie Coast 2: another aerial view
Photo - Closeup -: Gerd Wendler of Univ. of Alaska standing next to the protruding tail
Photo -: showing tail from several km away
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